The Journey began…

The journey began, what seems like a lifetime ago. Let me start at the beginning. I was nothing but a stick and my weight kept going down. I am 5’8” and at my lowest weight, I was a 105 pounds soaking wet and holding my suitcase of a purse. I looked terrible! I was a skeleton. All you could see when you looked at me was my bones poking through my skin. My muscle tone was gone because my body was malnutritioned so badly that it was taking all the nutrients it could from my body. So basically, I was starving to death! Not only did I look like death but I felt like death also. This is how my journey began…what came next on this long journey will be my next blog post….

Lets transition to the present and how my days begin.

Today I will introduce a protein drink that has saved my life. I am not kidding! I drink a protein drink every day to get the protein I need. They say that Celiac people can’t absorb protein like normal people. They need extra.
With a lot of searching and a lot of trial and error, I found one that does not make me sick and tastes great also!
Drum roll please… …. ….
May I introduce my life saving Designer Whey Protein Drink! It is certified gluten free and does not contain any oat fiber or oats of any kind. That was an issue with me as I looked at protein drinks, it either was not certified gluten free or it had oats of some kind in it. Also, I had a hard time finding something that was nut and peanut free as I also am allergic to those but that is a whole other thing aside from Celiac disease.
So every morning I have a scoop of this great protein drink with 8 oz. of 1% milk. The flavors are French Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and a few other I have yet to try but the Chocolate (big surprise) and the French Vanilla are my favorite!


3 thoughts on “The Journey began…

  1. Nicole Hoel

    Oh my goodness I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I have heard stories about people who have celiac and know it can be very traumatic. I am so happy that you have found something that works for you that you actually enjoy the taste of. For me that is a big part of protein shakes, I have one I love now, but it took me a long time to get there. And lots of trial and error, along with money. I took my 3rd born off of gluten prior to having my fourth born. I monitored everything she was eating, because of some things she was struggling with. It was not nearly as dramatic as your situation though, ours was very minor. I was able to find the few items that were bothering her system, oddly the puffed cheese balls that she was receiving as a snack from a class she was in really bothered her. Anyway, our trek was much easier, but it still felt good when we figured out what was bothering her.
    I am unable to comprehend everything you went through. So happy you have some answers and are on the road to recovery and health.

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  2. phoulem

    This has been a very informative blog. A friend of mine has issues keeping weight on and is continuously adjusting her diet. I will defiantly be telling her about Designer Whey Protein Drink. She is very careful about what she eats and is all about natural foods. Although you didn’t say anything about weight gain it is easy to see how much you like the product.


  3. Brittany

    Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear this. That must have been pretty scary to go through something like this I can’t even imagine. I have never heard of this before but it doesn’t sound good. I went through a stretch in my life where I lost a lot of weight and I had no idea why I tried a lot of different things to gain my weight back but nothing worked, but now things have been better. I also have a lot of experience with people being allergic to peanuts. I work at a daycare and there is one who is allergic to peanuts and it is not fun you constantly have to be aware of what you are giving them for lunch. I’m glad that you were able to find something that worked how you and you are doing better that’s awesome!



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