The Journey began……Continued from the last blog post
I ate all day long and I ate ALL the time. It did not matter how much I would eat. My stomach would rumble and growl like it was hungry all the time. Not like an occasional I might have heard that growl but a growl that people could hear standing across the room. I was not feeling good either. I was so tired and achy all the time. Not to mention I had every symptom know to having this disease. I just knew there had to be an answer to my problems. What started out as a normal routine checkup, turned into a few months of specialists, tests, waiting and lots of medical bills. I thought maybe I just had a fast metabolism. I hoped there was nothing wrong but I knew otherwise. My body was screaming for help!!

More history to come with my next blog post….lets continue with a transition to how my days begin after the protein shake.

After my protein shake, I always need a little caffeine to get me going in the morning. I had tried tirelessly for many months after my diagnosis of Celiac to find a coffee that did not contain gluten and did not make me sick. I could not give up my coffee! I was an avid coffee drinker of many kinds; I was like a wine taster only with coffee before all this health crap started. So for me to not find a coffee would be insanely hard for me!! What would I do?? My body only survives on coffee, and I did not want to have to retrain my body if I could not find one that was gluten free. Since my sensitivity level is so high, the only coffee I can drink is instant Nestles Tasters Choice. It is no Starbucks but I did not have to give up coffee so I celebrate this hurdle! I enjoy this coffee’s flavor and aroma. Because it is the ONLY coffee I found that I can drink, I love it all the more! No other choice means you just accept it as the best!! So for those of you who might still be having Celiac symptoms and cannot figure out what is bothering you, it just might be the coffee. Sorry.. but be happy, Tasters Choice is out there!!


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