More of my story….

As my body was screaming for help and I was living in a strange world of confusion, depression, exhaustion and pain, going to the doctor for me was a big deal. I was so scared to go! What if I found out I was dying or more suffering from some rare disease!! After suffering through a night of horrible pain, I finally called the clinic and made an appointment. At that time I was working long hours and finding the time to go to the doctor was hard. I took a day off and scheduled an appointment. I remember sitting in the doctors office running through my list of symptoms thinking to myself “ this doctor is going to think I am crazy with all these things I am complaining about”! I felt so much guilt for going and complaining. Thank goodness I had a doctor that was so understanding and caring. She listened as I read off my hand written list of symptoms with my hands shaking, asked the right questions and soon I was in the lab getting all kinds of tests done. The waiting for the test results was the worst. The anxiety of finding out what might be wrong and that it could be anything was terrifying!

What the test results said on the next blog.

The best snack ever that gives me protein and fiber during my day is the Think Thin Protein Bar, Dark chocolate Peppermint!! Yum!! These bars are seasonal so I try to stock up on them in bulk! These are the only Think Thin protein bars that have no nuts of any kind so it is the only one I have found that I can eat! They are certified gluten free! This bar is a 3:00 work snack for me to help me make it through the work day and home to eat after work! Delicious!!


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