The first diagnosis…….

The waiting was the worst… test results would be in but it would be a week or two just depending on what the results were. I remember those days to be dark and dreary although it was July and hot as the surface of the sun. I felt trapped and unsure of my future. I was suppose to be celebrating the fourth of July but all I could do was think of if I should take out a life insurance policy so my daughter would have something to bury me with. How morbid!!

The first call came, my doctor told me that all my test results came back low. So I had low blood sugar and  I had vitamin deficiencies. Which ones? They were all low and then I hear was, you need to go to a specialist ASAP. There might be another underlying condition.  Ok, I thought, I can deal with low blood sugar. but what about the deficiencies? A specialist? Oh my…. More painfully and exhausting waiting is all I could think of. So waiting between the doctor and the specialist appointment I was told to eat frequently, which i had already been doing, to keep my blood sugar normal or best to normal as I could. So I Googled low blood pressure, not all the symptoms I was having was listed under this so I knew in the back of my mind there was more to this than just low blood sugar. But having low blood sugar was dangerous in itself. I was so scared I just cried and had no idea what would come next. It was just a matter of waiting for the next doctors appointment with a specialist. Just a couple weeks of waiting…….

Today, now that I am gluten free, I have a favorite Cracker that not only I love but even people who don’t have to be gluten free will love. This is my snack cracker. Great to put on a cheese tray and serve with wine! (cause I can drink some certain wines 🙂 ) The multi-seed cracker from Crunchmaster is certified gluten free and come in variety of flavors. I seem to stick with the original one because it is just so delicious with anything or alone! Go out and try some of these! You will not be disappointed!! Best cracker ever!!! Snacking guilt free and sick free!!


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