Cold chilly night..

The weather outside tonight is freezing sleet and snow. The temperatures are cold and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a great cup of tea. Before I was gluten free, I would drink any tea that I wanted and I thought would be good. I loved to try all sorts of flavor and varieties. I figured I had had them all. I have always been a big tea drinker as far back as I can remember. My family has always been tea drinkers. I remember visiting my grandparents and tea was just something we did all the time. I especially loved my tea with some fresh baked cookies that my grandmother would make. So since I have been restricted to gluten free foods there is only one brand of tea that I can drink that will not get me sick. I know, you are thinking, how can tea have gluten in it?  Well, some do. But if you need to be gluten free the best tea in the world is the Bigelow tea! Wow, this tea hits the spot. Especially on a miserable and cold night like tonight. I add a fresh mint leave and a little lemon slice and it is the best hot drink aside from my morning coffee! I am a very sensitive Celiac so it is such a treat to find a tea I can drink that does not make me sick. Add a gluten free cookie and yum!! 


2 thoughts on “Cold chilly night..

  1. cjensen31

    I love tea! I am a typical orange & spice, black tea drinker; but the next time I am at the store, I think I need to pick some of these up! I love your idea of adding mint and a lemon slice, I have never tried that and it sounds amazing. Thanks for the ideas!


  2. neilklein

    I am a huge tea aficionado, I do not understand the source of gluten? Does it have anything to do with the bag? I buy all my tea loose-leaf and I have never heard of any problems. Or, maybe it is because of the flavoring? Honestly I could not even drink the Bigelow tea or any bagged tea. The bagged teas are of a lower quality and they use flavoring to mask that and the bitterness from using the remnants of several batches mixed together. I drink white tea, green tea, oolong, and many varieties of black tea. I enjoy herbal ‘tea’ like chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass. Tea is the actual plant the beverage is steeped from. If it is not form a tea bush, then it really isn’t tea, it is called a tisane. A great tea substitute that does not have caffeine are Rooibos. It is a bush from southern Africa and it makes a great green or black tisane. When I make loose-leaf tea, I sometimes sweeten it with honey and squeeze in fresh lemon, but if you buy good tea, it really needs no flavoring. I have black from the Yunnan province right now if steeped right almost tastes like hot cocoa. Where do I get such wonderful tea you ask? Adagio Teas at This is a great tea site and they have reasonably priced samples on many varieties of tea, many responsibly sourced and organic. I have a feeling there should be no gluten problems, unless it is a flavored ta like chai. Do your research, but do yourself a favor and try Adagio Tea.



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