Gluten free Noodles

There are few things in life that can make you feel like mom just came into your home with a warm embrace. Let’s talk comfort food from good old sweet home!! There are those certain dishes that when served and eaten you immediately feel like you are at home with all the security and comfort of the world. Can you imagine if one day all those foods you felt this for was just suddenly taken away, with no hope in sight to ever feel that warm fuzzy feeling again. Your whole world changes and food is no longer a comfort but a stress inducer. Worrying about what products you can even use in all these things you know and love! Think about all those comfort foods you that you have. Most of them have gluten in them. Most of them would be hard to find gluten free options to throw together a homemade meal.

One of those comfort foods that I thought would be lost forever was Lasagna. Yes, the days of a big cheesy piece of layered noodles and sauce are gone!! How could this be? No more Lasagna!! That is so absolute devastating of thought to think about….

But then I found a recipe for gluten free lasagna and my world changed!! Here is the link people!! It is amazing!!!

The gluten free noodles I use are:

Tinkyada® Brand Organic Brown Rice Gluten Free Lasagna Noodles

This brand of noodles in the only brand that is not certified gluten free that I can and not get sick. Comfort food that is divine!!!


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