Let me say again, as I reference my previous post, I love to find comfort food! This weekend was an amazing weekend of great food for me!! Friday started off with some wonderful seasoned steaks from McCormick on the grill, served with a mushroom risotto just to die for (real cream in the risotto, yum)!! Here is a youtube video on how to make the risotto! Just use all gluten free products and you will have a great dish!

On Saturday, We made a nice homemade Chili! We started off with a box of cook simple Chili mix in a box. We added hamburger, stewed tomatoes, onions and a ton of extra chili spices to kick it up a notch and make it all hot good and nice! The box of chili we used was certified gluten free and was very easy and very delicious to eat!! We added some mozzarella cheese to the top and we enjoyed it to the last!   It is so easy and very delicious!! Enjoy both of these!!



One thought on “Chili

  1. Nicole 'Moulzolf' Schroeder

    Thank you for the recommendation on the chili! I always appreciate a nice easy recipe. My husband and sons love chili and while we do not have any gluten sensitivities in our family, I do try to eliminate gluten from a few meals a week. Just a couple more comfort food weeks until spring arrives.

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