Looking forward to a great Easter dinner tomorrow!

I am looking forward to a great gluten free meal tomorrow! First of all it is hard to believe that time has flown by as fast at it has. Easter is already here! On the menu for tomorrow will be our most favorite holiday meal of all! Ham, potatoes, gravy and let’s not forget the apple and pumpkin pie! I am pretty sure that this feast will keep me filled up for days with leftovers overflowing my lunch bag at work!  Usually a meal that is gluten free has its price tag but I just happened to get a free ham. Our grocery store has a ham card and when you buy groceries at the store, you earn ham stamps. You earn one ham stamp per ten dollars spent. It takes a lot of ham stamps to fill up the card to get a free ham but since I spend well over the amount normal people would spend, I usually can get a card filled up pretty fast! Sometimes the offerings are not gluten free but this time I hit the jackpot!! The ham was gluten fee and also the price was free!! I was so excited that I finally got a break from the hefty prices of having to buy gluten free! Yay for me!

So tomorrow as I am eating my gluten free ham, it will taste just that much better knowing that it was free. I might also have to add that the pies are free too, my parents just happen to be amazing at baking gluten free goodies and they also happen to be retired so I am pretty lucky to benefit from this! I can say without a doubt that this will be one of the best!!


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