Corn Dogs

With the warm weather making its way into our neighborhoods it makes me think of all the outdoor adventures and fun that is waiting around the corner. I am so excited to spend time outside! This excitement brought cravings for certain foods that I have not had for a long time. When you think of warm weather, I think of the fair, I think of food!! Who doesn’t right? One of my favorite fair foods would have to be the fabulous corn dogs! However, I just can’t walk up to a stand at the fair and expect them to have gluten free anything. Two weeks ago while I was shopping, the local groceries freezer isle caught my eye. I could not believe what was seeing, gluten free corndogs!!! I grabbed one quickly to examine the product box and make sure that I could eat these. Yes, (I even said that out loud in the store) I could have them! Fabulous. With anticipation I cooked one and I have to say the first bite into this delicious golden brown food on a stick was amazing. My mind instantly went to the fair and I closed my eyes and imagined the smells, sounds and excitement. As if I was standing in the middle of a busy fair grounds enjoying the distant days of being normal again. Thanks to Applegate’s gluten free corn dogs, I felt normal again! Now, I have to admit, I am addicted!



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