Meat sticks

Yesterday was a very busy day! Wow, I had to work in the morning and then had plans the rest of the day going here and there. It seemed as if the time went so fast, so fast indeed that I forgot to eat lunch! I realized this mistake at 1:30 pm in the middle of the landscaping department at Menards! Well, as you know, I just can’t go pick up a candy bar to tide me over, I would have to search endlessly for something that I could even eat. So off I went to the grocery isles. (did you know Menard’s has groceries?) anyway, tons of food for all the normal people. But I seen a few items that were gluten free but not something I dared to eat because I am so sensitive. Then I thought protein! I searched for the beef jerky isle hoping that they would offer gluten free brands. I was shocked!! Yes indeed they carried the best gluten free beef sticks ever! Kremers are the best! I eat that brand all the time and I have never gotten sick once. I trust that brand and I scooped it up, paid for it and boy did that satisfy my hunger better than a candy bar ever could! Great job Menard’s! Thanks for having a gluten free option! I then enjoyed the landscaping department much better!


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