A New Adventure

So this year, I have mentally taken on a new project. Notice I said mentally, because I guess that commitment could change. The mental commitment that I have decided to take on involves lots of fresh foods!! Yes folks, I am going to do the impossible, I am going to face the unknown, I am going to jump right in feet first, and I am going to dig it!! I am literally going to be digging up some dirt and planting a garden! My pans are large, they are ambitious, but I figure since I will be done with college, I will be able to take my time and plant, harvest and preserve my precious gluten free garden oasis!  So in my head I envision rows of peas, beans, potatoes, squash, cucumber, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes! Maybe even some watermelon? I am so excited to start this adventure. The best thing about this will be the outcome. With all the fresh vegetables that will be coming towards fall, it will be amazing to have fresh, gluten free, almost organic veggies to eat and cook with. It might be a challenge for me to figure out how to freeze, can and or store all these items but I think it is an adventure I am ready to take on! Being outside, one with nature, I could not go wrong! So wish me luck and hopefully I can post some delicious receipts I try with all these fresh garden vegetables!


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