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I am one of those celiacs!! Yes, one of those… I am so sensitive, I cannot eat vinegar in any foods at all. So, my love of pickles broke my heart when I found out I could not eat them anymore!! I searched for years for a recipe that would provide me with this crunchy satisfaction in a pickle!! But to no avail, it was search I ended. It was hard to see other people enjoying the pickle with their delicious meals! I wanted a pickle on my gluten free hamburgers, I wanted a pickle to eat beside my gluten free loose meat sandwiches and I wanted a pickle to just snack on!! How was this fair?

Then one day as I was looking over the refrigerated items in the organic section of my grocery store, I spotted the biggest, best looking jar of pickles I had ever seen. I slowly reached for them because I just knew they would not be gluten free so I had no intention of being disappointed because my expectations were low. I picked up the jar, oh my gosh, “GLUTEN FREE” it said on the front!! Really? Yes? Maybe? My heart sounded out of my chest as I flipped around this big glass jar, hoping not to drop it, and sure enough….. there was NO vinegar in them!! What? No vinegar… I think my heart actually stopped at the thought of having a pickle!!! I put it in my cart, put an end to my shopping trip and paid for them immediately and raced home! I put them on the counter, heard the pop of the jar lid as I grasped onto it to turn it and BAM.. the greatest smell in the world came at me with a cloud straight from heaven!! I grabbed the biggest one, took a big bite as I was walking to the chair and sat with this delicious pickle as if it were the first time I had a bite to eat or had taste buds in 20 years!! Wow, it was insanely delicious!! The pickle, the simple pickle, who would of thought!! I love Bubbies Pickles!!!

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