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I am one of those celiacs!! Yes, one of those… I am so sensitive, I cannot eat vinegar in any foods at all. So, my love of pickles broke my heart when I found out I could not eat them anymore!! I searched for years for a recipe that would provide me with this crunchy satisfaction in a pickle!! But to no avail, it was search I ended. It was hard to see other people enjoying the pickle with their delicious meals! I wanted a pickle on my gluten free hamburgers, I wanted a pickle to eat beside my gluten free loose meat sandwiches and I wanted a pickle to just snack on!! How was this fair?

Then one day as I was looking over the refrigerated items in the organic section of my grocery store, I spotted the biggest, best looking jar of pickles I had ever seen. I slowly reached for them because I just knew they would not be gluten free so I had no intention of being disappointed because my expectations were low. I picked up the jar, oh my gosh, “GLUTEN FREE” it said on the front!! Really? Yes? Maybe? My heart sounded out of my chest as I flipped around this big glass jar, hoping not to drop it, and sure enough….. there was NO vinegar in them!! What? No vinegar… I think my heart actually stopped at the thought of having a pickle!!! I put it in my cart, put an end to my shopping trip and paid for them immediately and raced home! I put them on the counter, heard the pop of the jar lid as I grasped onto it to turn it and BAM.. the greatest smell in the world came at me with a cloud straight from heaven!! I grabbed the biggest one, took a big bite as I was walking to the chair and sat with this delicious pickle as if it were the first time I had a bite to eat or had taste buds in 20 years!! Wow, it was insanely delicious!! The pickle, the simple pickle, who would of thought!! I love Bubbies Pickles!!!

Kosher Dills


Pacific’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup

Feelings of exhaustion are flooding me tonight. I lost track of how many hours I have actually worked the last two weeks plus keep up with school and add into the mix, not feeling well. It has been a rough few weeks to say the least. But still on these rough nights when I feel like sitting still and not moving a muscle I have to feed myself. My easy meal that will always hit the spot is this amazing Roasted red pepper and tomato soup from Pacific. All I have to do is poor it into a bowl and microwave it. Yes, it tastes a little better on the stove top but who wants to do dishes when exhaustion has taken residence. I add a side of Udi’s gluten free bread with some cheese on it to finish off the meal. It is simple, good and not as bad for me as some choices. The soup is great, Pacific makes all kinds of soups but not all are gluten free. Just some. This is one of the products that is not certified gluten free but I still can eat and it does not seem to bother me at all. So for those of you who want a little shift in flavor from Campbell’s tomato soup (which is not gluten free) to Gluten Free Pacific Roasted red Pepper and Tomato soup, you will be very surprised with the great taste! Have some, it will be a favorite!

Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Corn Dogs

With the warm weather making its way into our neighborhoods it makes me think of all the outdoor adventures and fun that is waiting around the corner. I am so excited to spend time outside! This excitement brought cravings for certain foods that I have not had for a long time. When you think of warm weather, I think of the fair, I think of food!! Who doesn’t right? One of my favorite fair foods would have to be the fabulous corn dogs! However, I just can’t walk up to a stand at the fair and expect them to have gluten free anything. Two weeks ago while I was shopping, the local groceries freezer isle caught my eye. I could not believe what was seeing, gluten free corndogs!!! I grabbed one quickly to examine the product box and make sure that I could eat these. Yes, (I even said that out loud in the store) I could have them! Fabulous. With anticipation I cooked one and I have to say the first bite into this delicious golden brown food on a stick was amazing. My mind instantly went to the fair and I closed my eyes and imagined the smells, sounds and excitement. As if I was standing in the middle of a busy fair grounds enjoying the distant days of being normal again. Thanks to Applegate’s gluten free corn dogs, I felt normal again! Now, I have to admit, I am addicted!


Looking forward to a great Easter dinner tomorrow!

I am looking forward to a great gluten free meal tomorrow! First of all it is hard to believe that time has flown by as fast at it has. Easter is already here! On the menu for tomorrow will be our most favorite holiday meal of all! Ham, potatoes, gravy and let’s not forget the apple and pumpkin pie! I am pretty sure that this feast will keep me filled up for days with leftovers overflowing my lunch bag at work!  Usually a meal that is gluten free has its price tag but I just happened to get a free ham. Our grocery store has a ham card and when you buy groceries at the store, you earn ham stamps. You earn one ham stamp per ten dollars spent. It takes a lot of ham stamps to fill up the card to get a free ham but since I spend well over the amount normal people would spend, I usually can get a card filled up pretty fast! Sometimes the offerings are not gluten free but this time I hit the jackpot!! The ham was gluten fee and also the price was free!! I was so excited that I finally got a break from the hefty prices of having to buy gluten free! Yay for me!

So tomorrow as I am eating my gluten free ham, it will taste just that much better knowing that it was free. I might also have to add that the pies are free too, my parents just happen to be amazing at baking gluten free goodies and they also happen to be retired so I am pretty lucky to benefit from this! I can say without a doubt that this will be one of the best!!

Gluten Free Shampoo

Not only do I have to not eat gluten but also I cannot use any product whatsoever that has gluten in it. This had become a major issue when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease since makeup, hair products, lotions, and body care products have gluten in them. It is surprising what is derived through gluten and put into many products.  With a lot of searching and trying out different products I have come to few products that I use and have come to rely on for my health and safety. The Shampoo and Conditioner I use are Andalou naturals age defying. It is a great shampoo and conditioner, I love this product and I have the healthiest hair I have ever had! You don’t have to use but a dab to wash your hair and it leaves it free and clear of residue. It is a great, fresh and natural smelling product for anyone looking for hair products that are safe!Treat Thinning Hair

Traveling gluten free

Let me begin with a simple truth, traveling is a challenge when you are gluten free! As I sit here writing this, I am in a hotel room. Yes, I have a fridge and microwave in my room which helps out with eating and a must have when you are traveling but packing food is a challenge. Most of my packing consisted of coolers and bags of food! Mostly gluten free crackers, bread, cheese, summer sausage, beef sticks and yogurt. Very easy food to store and travel with but not good to eat all day every day for a week.

In my adventures of traveling, instead of searching for the nearest restaurant to enjoy and because there is rarely a place with a gluten free menu I can order off of that I  don’t get sick, I do a search for a local Target or Walmart! When traveling I have found that I can usually find a decent assortment of Udi’s gluten free options in their freezer section.

On this trip, Walmart was the closest and easiest to get to and I was so excited to see that they had my favorite Udi’s frozen dinners! How perfect! I get to eat actual meals on my trip! Delightful!!

I recommend Udi’s frozen meals to everyone! They are terrific!


Let me say again, as I reference my previous post, I love to find comfort food! This weekend was an amazing weekend of great food for me!! Friday started off with some wonderful seasoned steaks from McCormick on the grill, served with a mushroom risotto just to die for (real cream in the risotto, yum)!! Here is a youtube video on how to make the risotto! Just use all gluten free products and you will have a great dish!

On Saturday, We made a nice homemade Chili! We started off with a box of cook simple Chili mix in a box. We added hamburger, stewed tomatoes, onions and a ton of extra chili spices to kick it up a notch and make it all hot good and nice! The box of chili we used was certified gluten free and was very easy and very delicious to eat!! We added some mozzarella cheese to the top and we enjoyed it to the last!   It is so easy and very delicious!! Enjoy both of these!!