Gluten Free Shampoo

Not only do I have to not eat gluten but also I cannot use any product whatsoever that has gluten in it. This had become a major issue when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease since makeup, hair products, lotions, and body care products have gluten in them. It is surprising what is derived through gluten and put into many products.  With a lot of searching and trying out different products I have come to few products that I use and have come to rely on for my health and safety. The Shampoo and Conditioner I use are Andalou naturals age defying. It is a great shampoo and conditioner, I love this product and I have the healthiest hair I have ever had! You don’t have to use but a dab to wash your hair and it leaves it free and clear of residue. It is a great, fresh and natural smelling product for anyone looking for hair products that are safe!Treat Thinning Hair


Traveling gluten free

Let me begin with a simple truth, traveling is a challenge when you are gluten free! As I sit here writing this, I am in a hotel room. Yes, I have a fridge and microwave in my room which helps out with eating and a must have when you are traveling but packing food is a challenge. Most of my packing consisted of coolers and bags of food! Mostly gluten free crackers, bread, cheese, summer sausage, beef sticks and yogurt. Very easy food to store and travel with but not good to eat all day every day for a week.

In my adventures of traveling, instead of searching for the nearest restaurant to enjoy and because there is rarely a place with a gluten free menu I can order off of that I  don’t get sick, I do a search for a local Target or Walmart! When traveling I have found that I can usually find a decent assortment of Udi’s gluten free options in their freezer section.

On this trip, Walmart was the closest and easiest to get to and I was so excited to see that they had my favorite Udi’s frozen dinners! How perfect! I get to eat actual meals on my trip! Delightful!!

I recommend Udi’s frozen meals to everyone! They are terrific!


Let me say again, as I reference my previous post, I love to find comfort food! This weekend was an amazing weekend of great food for me!! Friday started off with some wonderful seasoned steaks from McCormick on the grill, served with a mushroom risotto just to die for (real cream in the risotto, yum)!! Here is a youtube video on how to make the risotto! Just use all gluten free products and you will have a great dish!

On Saturday, We made a nice homemade Chili! We started off with a box of cook simple Chili mix in a box. We added hamburger, stewed tomatoes, onions and a ton of extra chili spices to kick it up a notch and make it all hot good and nice! The box of chili we used was certified gluten free and was very easy and very delicious to eat!! We added some mozzarella cheese to the top and we enjoyed it to the last!   It is so easy and very delicious!! Enjoy both of these!!


Gluten free Noodles

There are few things in life that can make you feel like mom just came into your home with a warm embrace. Let’s talk comfort food from good old sweet home!! There are those certain dishes that when served and eaten you immediately feel like you are at home with all the security and comfort of the world. Can you imagine if one day all those foods you felt this for was just suddenly taken away, with no hope in sight to ever feel that warm fuzzy feeling again. Your whole world changes and food is no longer a comfort but a stress inducer. Worrying about what products you can even use in all these things you know and love! Think about all those comfort foods you that you have. Most of them have gluten in them. Most of them would be hard to find gluten free options to throw together a homemade meal.

One of those comfort foods that I thought would be lost forever was Lasagna. Yes, the days of a big cheesy piece of layered noodles and sauce are gone!! How could this be? No more Lasagna!! That is so absolute devastating of thought to think about….

But then I found a recipe for gluten free lasagna and my world changed!! Here is the link people!! It is amazing!!!

The gluten free noodles I use are:

Tinkyada® Brand Organic Brown Rice Gluten Free Lasagna Noodles

This brand of noodles in the only brand that is not certified gluten free that I can and not get sick. Comfort food that is divine!!!

Cold chilly night..

The weather outside tonight is freezing sleet and snow. The temperatures are cold and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a great cup of tea. Before I was gluten free, I would drink any tea that I wanted and I thought would be good. I loved to try all sorts of flavor and varieties. I figured I had had them all. I have always been a big tea drinker as far back as I can remember. My family has always been tea drinkers. I remember visiting my grandparents and tea was just something we did all the time. I especially loved my tea with some fresh baked cookies that my grandmother would make. So since I have been restricted to gluten free foods there is only one brand of tea that I can drink that will not get me sick. I know, you are thinking, how can tea have gluten in it?  Well, some do. But if you need to be gluten free the best tea in the world is the Bigelow tea! Wow, this tea hits the spot. Especially on a miserable and cold night like tonight. I add a fresh mint leave and a little lemon slice and it is the best hot drink aside from my morning coffee! I am a very sensitive Celiac so it is such a treat to find a tea I can drink that does not make me sick. Add a gluten free cookie and yum!! 

The first diagnosis…….

The waiting was the worst… test results would be in but it would be a week or two just depending on what the results were. I remember those days to be dark and dreary although it was July and hot as the surface of the sun. I felt trapped and unsure of my future. I was suppose to be celebrating the fourth of July but all I could do was think of if I should take out a life insurance policy so my daughter would have something to bury me with. How morbid!!

The first call came, my doctor told me that all my test results came back low. So I had low blood sugar and  I had vitamin deficiencies. Which ones? They were all low and then I hear was, you need to go to a specialist ASAP. There might be another underlying condition.  Ok, I thought, I can deal with low blood sugar. but what about the deficiencies? A specialist? Oh my…. More painfully and exhausting waiting is all I could think of. So waiting between the doctor and the specialist appointment I was told to eat frequently, which i had already been doing, to keep my blood sugar normal or best to normal as I could. So I Googled low blood pressure, not all the symptoms I was having was listed under this so I knew in the back of my mind there was more to this than just low blood sugar. But having low blood sugar was dangerous in itself. I was so scared I just cried and had no idea what would come next. It was just a matter of waiting for the next doctors appointment with a specialist. Just a couple weeks of waiting…….

Today, now that I am gluten free, I have a favorite Cracker that not only I love but even people who don’t have to be gluten free will love. This is my snack cracker. Great to put on a cheese tray and serve with wine! (cause I can drink some certain wines 🙂 ) The multi-seed cracker from Crunchmaster is certified gluten free and come in variety of flavors. I seem to stick with the original one because it is just so delicious with anything or alone! Go out and try some of these! You will not be disappointed!! Best cracker ever!!! Snacking guilt free and sick free!!

Super Bowl Treat

Like most people, I am watching the super Bowl today! There are so many foods and snacks that are served on this day as people sit and watch the game. Most of these foods, I can not have. But what a great and glorious day when I happened to pick up a bag of popcorn that was certified gluten free. Who knew my life of snacks would be blown away by the wonderful taste for this amazing popcorn! So fabulous! I am recommending that not only people that have to be gluten free but people in general should not miss out on this popcorn!  I have tried many flavors and all of them are wonderful! Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop is a must for the superbowl!! It is a must for everyone anytime!!